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The City of Granite Shoals
2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road
Granite Shoals, TX 78654
Ph: 830-598-2424
Deer Management
Deer Management Program - Proposed 'Year Two'
The Wildlife Advisory Committee composed a report on the success of the 'Pilot Program for Archery Based Deer Management' and Chair Jason Brady presented this to City Council in February of 2017.  You can read the report here.

At the City Council Meeting March 28, 2017, the City Council authorized the Archery Based program for year 2017-2018.  as Ord. 710.  

Soon the Wildlife Advisory Committee will be contacting those archers who participated or indicated interest last year.  If you would like to be considered, please email City Secretary Elaine Simpson, at

City of Granite Shoals Deer Management Pilot Program
In March of 2016, the City Council adopted Ordinance #685, to establish a 'Pilot Program' to try to conduct an archery-based deer management program.  

The Wildlife Advisory Committee has coordinated the program with the selection, testing and training of 10 volunteer archers, and they have set up 10 sites to serve as 'harvest locations'.  These sites were chosen because they were safely isolated from neighborhoods, roadways and parks.  If by chance your property is within 100 yards (the length of a football field) from a 'harvest site', you would have been visited by a member of the Wildlife Advisory Committee.  This person would have briefed you on the program.   

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has issued the city 200 MLD 1 tags.  This equals 20 per harvest site.  It was decided to start with 200; since this is a Pilot Program.  The members of the archer team will only cull out does.  This is an antlerless program.  No fawns and no bucks are taken.  This is not a trophy hunt.  This is also not Open Season.  No-one who is not a member (registered with Granite Shoals Police Department) of the Pilot Program is allowed to release an arrow in the city limits.  The poaching laws and the fire arms ordinance for the City of Granite Shoals are still in effect.  

The hope for the deer meat is that there will be some harvesters who donate their venison to the people on the 'Recipient List'.  At this time, those interested in this meat should contact Jason Brady, Chair of the Wildlife Advisory Committee care of the City Secretary Elaine Simpson, whose phone number at City Hall is 830-598-2424 x303.  To be placed on the Recipient List, please be a resident of the City of Granite Shoals.  You must also be ready to pick up a field dressed deer and take to the processors.  You will bear the cost of the processing.    

This pilot program was designed after 2 years of investigating various methods of deer management and determining that this was the only option available for Granite Shoals in our budget range.   See our city newsletter from April 2016 which had two stories related to the deer management issue.   

Please see Wildlife Advisory Chair Jason Brady's report to City Council from the Council meeting of December 15, 2015.   

No Feeding the Deer Ordinance
On July 12, 2016, the City Council passed Ordinance #680 No Feeding the Deer Ordinance.  You can read all about this Ordinance here.  

Ordinance #680 was suspended in August of 2016 and was sent to the voters in a Referendum Election on November 8, 2016.  The 'Against' votes won by six votes.  Ord. 680 was repealed by the City Council when they approved the election results on 11-16-2016.  

Citizens are encouraged not to feed supplemental food to the deer, as it is unhealthy for them.   For information on this topic, please read this pamphlet Killing Them With Kindness, which is published by the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife.   

Wildlife Advisory Group
In March of 2014, the City Council established a Wildlife Advisory Committee to research the overpopulation problem of the urban deer in the city limits.  

You may see the agendas from the Committee meetings and the meeting minutes from the meetings at this link.