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City Limits Map 
Under State Law adopted in 2019 - The City Secretary is required to keep the current map of the City Limits available for review. 
Here is the 2019 City Limits map for the City of Granite Shoals (colored pink) and Highland Haven to our west (colored yellow).     Near N. Phillips Ranch Road and 1431 you see the indicator for the DRVWY  - This is the driveway into the municipal campus.  Our official address here at City Hall is 2221 N. Phillips Ranch RD, Granite Shoals, TX   78654.  
If you would like to see the map of the city limits with the Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction included (area around the city limits which no other city can annex) then look at this one from December 2019.  

City Parks - The City of Granite Shoals is the City Of Parks 
Here is the newest map illustrating the locations and sizes of the nineteen city parks.    Here is a Chart of the Parks with some of the amenities they offer.    Quarry Park, the park located on the campus of the City Hall at 2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road, is site of our Hike, Bike and Run trail that is named after our local Olympic hero Leo Manzano.   Here is a special map of the Manzano Trail.  Sunscreen and bug repellent recommended.   Granite Shoals dogs are allowed on the trail only if they are on a leash  and their human removes all waste.    

City Comprehensive Plan 
The most recent Granite Shoals Comprehensive Plan is here.  (It is a very large document and takes a while to load).  It has Land Use Plans, Transportation Plans and Park Plans.  In September of 2017 the City Council passed Ordinance #713-A to modify the City's Vision Statement.  You can see this modification here.   On September 27, 2016, the City Council adopted an addendum to the Comprehensive Plan in the Transportation Chapter.  This was adopted by minute action (no corresponding Ordinance or Resolution).  This is the addition, with supporting/background information.   In November 2014, the City Council adopted an addendum to the Parks Chapter of the city's Comprehensive Plan.  This was done via Ordinance 656.   

Back in 1972, the City adopted this version of a City Comprehensive Plan.  Parts of this plan are still valuable to consider, although this is NOT the official Comprehensive plan for the City at this time.  If you would like to review this document for historical value, you can find it here.   

City Un-Official Zoning Map 
For information purposes only (the Streets are listed as well as the Zoning districts) here is the replica of the zoning map.  For legal purposes, please consult only the Official Map at City Hall.  This map is dated Feb. 2014 and there may be changes reflected only on the official map.  Thank you.  
View Granite Shoals Parks in a larger map