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Road Infrastructure Improvements to the City's Arterial Roads

October 11, 2018  Letter from Mayor Brugger - Update on the Arterial Road Infrastructure Project.

August 21, 2018 Letter from Mayor Brugger - Update on the Arterial Road Infrastructure Project. 

April 10, 2018 Letter from Mayor Brugger.   Mayor Brugger has issued this letter to update all the citizens regarding the progress of the Arterial Road Infrastructure Project.  

The Road Bond Confirmation Election was successful on November 7, 2017.  The Road Infrastructure Improvements Project for the arterial roads will begin construction soon.  At this time, the City advertised for a Professional Engineer for this project.    KC Engineering of Marble Falls was selected to do this engineering work based on their significant experience with projects built on granite such as we have here in Granite Shoals.  Here is the corrected copy of the contract signed with Mr. Greg Haley of KC Engineering on 2-2-2018. 

Financial Advisors and Bond Counsel counseled city officials to determine the most beneficial manner to let the road bonds. (For information about the City's bond rating/financial stability...see the Financial Transparency Page of the city website here

The Granite Shoals Road Bond Education Committee and the City Council of Granite Shoals hosted a Town Hall meeting on Saturday, July 29, 2017 at the Fire Hall, 8410 West FM 1431, Granite Shoals, TX  78654.  You can see the informal notes from the City Secretary here.  These notes were corrected by the City Council and members of the SWAG committee at the 8-8-2017 City Council meeting.  

The City Council called an election for November of 2017 to allow citizens to consider ‘Re-confirming’ the issuance of $3 million in Road Bonds for the improvement of the three arterial roads in Granite Shoals:  Phillips Ranch Road, Prairie Creek Road and Valley View Lane.  These bonds were approved by the voters in November of 2016, however, the financial plans for the improvements and the scope of the work have been modified due to changed circumstances at the City; the USDA grant for Road improvements has been removed from the plans.  The City Council had to return to the Engineer to have him redesign the upgrades of the three arterials using only the bond money.  

Here is the Ordinance  #711 that established the Road Bond Education Committee.
Here is Ordinance . #712 that passed on August 10, 2017 to call the November Re-confirmation Road Bond Election.     

November 2016 Bond Election to Issue Road Bonds for Arterial Roads 

Arterial Roads Infrastructure Bond Election. 

On August 22, 2016, the City Council adopted Ordinance #698 to call a Special Election to place a Road Bond before the voters.  This will be a Proposition, worded 'For' or 'Against' 'The Issuance Of $3,000,000 Tax Bonds for Improvements to Phillips Ranch Road, Prairie Creek Road and Valley View Lane.'  

The Arterial Road Infrastructure Project has been the subject of Council discussion for the last year and a half.  A 'Town Hall Meeting' was held  Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 9 AM at the Fire Hall during which the Streets and Water Advisory Group (SWAG) and City Council held TOWN HALL MEETING for everyone who would like to discuss public improvements: specifically Road Issues. Here is the agenda for the meeting. Here is a copy of the PowerPoint slide show that was presented at the meeting. Here is an excerpt from the City's Comprehensive Plan, which covers the Transportation Plan (this plan was adopted in 2010 and is the city's 'current' plan).    Since this TOWN HALL Meeting was held, city staff has continued to research monthly fees on water bills as a means of financing the Arterial Road Infrastructure Project.  Legally, this cannot be done, a road fee can only be added to utility bills if it is based on an Engineering Study.  Also, to sell a city park, the voters must first vote to allow the sale of the park, then, if approved, any proceeds would have to be placed back into the city budget in a fund restricted to use for the benefit of the Parks.  These two financing ideas have been eliminated from options under consideration.  

The City Council also decided on March 8, 2016 to adopt Resolution # 506.  This Resolution authorizes the City Manager to apply for a United States Department Of Agriculture Grant (USDA Grant) through the office of Rural Development, to share the expense of the Arterial Roads Infrastructure Project.  The City Council authorized the City Manager to apply for up to five million dollars in a grant.  The Road Infrastructure project was a main subject of Mayors column in the April 2016 city newsletter, see page 2.  

Citizens have indicated that they would like all three arterial roads included in this project. Many Council Workshops have been held, and engineers have been consulted. 

At their July 26, 2016, Council held a workshop about this proposed project.  Please see the workshop item from the meeting minutes, especially 'Exhibit B' to the meeting minutes.  

The ballot wording for the Bond Special Election will read like this:

November 8, 2016 (8 de Noviembre 2016)
City of Granite Shoals
Bond Election (Ciudad de Granite Shoals Eleccion de Bono)

Place an "x" in the square beside the statement indicating the way
you wish to vote. ((Coloque una "x" en el cuadrado al lado de la frase que 
corresponde a su votación).



Here is the Ordinance that called the Road Bond Election.  

Town Hall Meeting regarding Road Issues 2015 
On Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 9 AM, at the Fire Hall on FM 1431, the City Council and the Streets and Water Advisory Group (SWAG) held a Joint Meeting in conjunction with a TOWN HALL MEETING for everyone who would like to discuss public improvements: specifically Road Issues.  Here is the agenda for the meeting.  Here is a copy of the PowerPoint slide show that was presented at the meeting.  Here is an excerpt from the City's Comprehensive Plan, which covers the Transportation Plan  (this plan was adopted in 2010 and is the city's 'current' plan).  Here are a couple of maps of the city streets.