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The City of Granite Shoals
2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road
Granite Shoals, TX 78654
Ph: 830-598-2424
Building & Code Compliance
Permits & Inspections
The Permits and Inspections Department is responsible for the code compliance of all construction in the City of Granite Shoals.  The fees for permits and inspections are listed in the General Fee Schedule section of the City Code.   The City Code is only updated annually.  There have been several recent amendments.  Please check the newest City Ordinances for the latest fees. This Ordinance passed October 24, 2017.    For other recent modifications see here. 

We review all plans for residential construction, remodeling, additions, and new commercial and tenant change outs. We also provide code compliance services for the City of Granite Shoals, such as abatement of junk vehicles, high grass and weeds and illegal signs. We provide support for the citizens of the City of Granite Shoals and inspect their construction to make sure it meets minimum building codes.

For all of your development questions, please contact the members of the Development Office: 

Preston Williams, Code Compliance Officer  
830-598-2424 x 301
email Preston 
cell #830-798-5608 (M-F 8-5) 

Bryan Wendt, Code Compliance Officer 
830-598-2424 x 302 
email Bryan
cell # 830-265-7959 (M-F 8-5) 

Mr. Williams and/or Mr. Wendt will meet with you during office hours.  Please call in advance to make sure someone will be in the department. 

Fill Area 
For specific information regarding Deeds without Warranty / Fill Area, please consult Ordinance 584.    If you would like the packet to apply to purchase some Fill Area the packet is here.  The packet has two applications - you have the option on which assessment to use.  With any questions about this process, contact the City Manager.  

Peddler Permits / Vendor Permits 
The City Secretary's Office processes applications for Door-To-Door sales and Vendor carts, etc.  The required application is here.     There are several requirements for one to secure a Peddlers Permit.   Door-To-Door sales is slightly different from sales from a vehicle.   
For Door-To-Door sales: 
  • Hours are strictly enforced.  
  • On the application, please include the make, model and description of the vehicle that will be in the neighborhoods. 
  • Provide proof of insurance for the vehicle.  

For sales from a parked vehicle: 
  • The owner of the property must provide a signed permission form for you to sell from his/her property. 
  • You must provide a diagram of the property to indicate where the customers will park, and where they will have restroom facilities.  

For both types of Peddler Permits: 
The fee is $100.00 for one year.  $10.00 for each additional person who will be selling/present. 
The City of Granite Shoals requires that a Texas Sales Tax number be provided on the Peddlers Permit application.   This number is issued by the Texas State Comptroller. 

The City Secretary's Office does not handle Food Service/Food Handler permits. 

The Granite Shoals police respond to reports of selling in the city limits without a permit.   

Ordinances regarding frequently cited Property Maintenance Issues:
The Ordinance related to having a proper house number on your home is here.  
The recent Ordinance on Junked Vehicles and Watercraft is here.
The recent Ordinance on Dangerous or Vacant Buildings is here.  

Building, Renovations or Additions
Planning to build on your property here in Granite Shoals means getting all the required permits.   Please call Preston and Bryan to inquire about which permit(s) are needed for any building, additions, renovations or major repairs.   This includes projects such as installing fencing, flat work (sidewalks) or pools, as there are regulations regarding placement of these features.     Information on Residential Permit can be found here.  

Building Permit for Residential Uses 
Currently the city has a Universal Building Permit Application for Residential for all trades.  This application form may be printed out and completed.  Please bring into the City Hall for review and guidance.  We accept building permit applications between 8 AM - 10 AM and 3 PM - 4 PM.    

Manufactured Housing 
Manufactured Housing is allowed in specific zoning districts.   For information regarding bringing in a new Manufactured Home, click here.  A permit is required before the home may be brought into the City.  The home can be no older than five years old.  

Purchasing Property 
Before you purchase a piece of property, you are encouraged to consult with the personnel in the development office to discover any zoning issues that may exist.  Taking this step before you buy can save time when you later apply for permit(s).  

Vacation Rentals - Short-Term Rentals 

The Zoning Ordinance prohibits residents from renting out their homes as Vacation Rental homes or Short-Term Rentals in the city limits of Granite Shoals.  The definition of short term rental is fewer than 30 days.   

When the Ordinance to prohibit Short Term rentals passed in 2012, citizens who were already engaged in this business were allowed to continue after registering with the City and paying their Hotel Occupancy Taxes.  Only the original businesses registered in 2012 may rent their homes on a short-term basis.   These homes, if ownership is changed, lose their status as pre-existing Vacation Rental.  

To Review the Ordinance, please see the Granite Shoals City Code of Ordinances On-line, Zoning Chapter 40.  Here is the link.  

Cleaning up the City 
At the April 28, 2015 City Council regular meeting, Code Compliance personnel made this presentation to the City Council members, related to some of the locations in the city which have been successfully cleaned up since Summer 2013.  

Development Services  
The Code Compliance Department Personnel serve as the first people you usually meet when you are coming to town to build a home or business.  If you would like to consult an official zoning map, or discuss platting or re-platting issues, start with the employees of Code Compliance.   We will get you 'on track'.   

Here is an un-official Zoning Map.  This is a replica and intended for use for information purposes only.  This map is dated Feb 2014.  There may be zoning changes not represented on this map.  For legal purposes, consult the zoning map in City Hall.  

Zoning Adjustments / Variances 
The Board of Adjustments considers applications for variances from the Zoning Ordinance for those rare cases when the Zoning Ordinance cannot be fairly applied to a piece of property due to special circumstances or features of the property.  

If you wish to apply for a variance, please contact the Development Department for guidance. Here is the Variance Application.  

Sexually Oriented Businesses
Sexually Oriented Businesses in the City of Granite Shoals are governed by Ordinance #636 passed in April of 2014.  If you wish to apply for a permit to operate a S.O.B. the application form is here.   

Conditional Use Permits 
If you wish to establish a Bed and Breakfast in Granite Shoals, or you wish to build in General Business District 1 or General Business District 2 using storage containers, you must secure a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in order to be in compliance with the city's zoning.   Here is the form to apply for a CUP.  

Call Before You Start the Project! 

Preston and Bryan are available in our Code Compliance Office to discuss permits, plans, plats, and answer any questions you have about the City Codes. Check at City Hall before you remodel, perform significant repairs, put up a fence, place a new pool or plan an addition. Garage sale permits are available from the receptionist or utility clerk. The city website also has information about zoning, the comprehensive city plan and other information. Spring Projects are about to begin, and checking to make sure your plans are in compliance with the city code will make your project go smoother!


Preston Williams
Bryan Wendt
2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road
Granite Shoals, TX 78654

Ph: 830-598-2424, ext. 301

Monday - Friday
Plan Reviews by appointment with Mike Light.