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Annexations Mezger Property and Marble Falls Partners LLC property
February 12, 2019 Annexations
Currently, the un-official city limits map looks like this

Ord. 753 Mezger Properties 

Ord. 755  Marble Falls Partners LLC 

The Wilderness Cove HOA property owners entered into a pre-annexation agreement, a Development Agreement and were not formally annexed.  


2018 - 2019 Annexations Mezger Property, Wilderness Cove HOA property and Marble Falls Partners LLC
On November 27, 2018, the Granite Shoals City Council adopted a Revised (Updated) Calendar for processing the annexation of the Mezger 'Donut' property, the Wilderness Cove HOA tract (uninhabited tract, North of the houses, commonly owned by all HOA owners)  and the Marble Falls Partners, LLC property.  

Here is the annexation time-line (updated calendar).  

Here is the Resolution to annex: 

Mezger Property Resolution 603 
Wilderness Cove HOA tract Resolution 604
Marble Falls Partners LLC (Cold Springs Granite) Resolution 605

2017 Annexations Beaver Island, Web Isle and Mezger Property
Here is the current city limits map. 

In October and November 2017, the City Council annexed part of the land east of the City that is owned by the Mezger Family. 

Here are the two Ordinances which annexed this area(s): 
Ordinance 716A 
Ordinance 716B (commonly known as the 'bow tie' area) 

Some of the family property was not annexed outright, instead a development agreement was signed by all the property owners which is essentially a 'pre-annexation' agreement.  

On September 26, 2017, City Council passed two Ordinances, one to annex Beaver Island and one to annex Web Isle.  The Council will consider an ordinance to annex Mezger Family property east of the city limits at their October 24, 2017 City Council meeting.  

Ord. 714 Annexation of Beaver Island 
Ord. 715 Annexation of Web Isle 

These annexations will be effective December 30, 2017. 

On July 25, 2017, the City Council adopted three Resolutions, stating intent to annex properties.  

Resolution #537 is the Intent to Annex Beaver Island 

Resolution #538 is the Intent to Annex Web Isle 

Resolution #539 is the Intent to Annex Mezger Property (East of town)  

The public hearings were held August 22, 2017 and August 29, 2017 at 6 PM to hear public comment on these Annexations. These Public Hearings were held at City Hall in the Council Chamber.   You can see meeting minutes from these Council meetings at the Agenda and Minutes page of the website. 

On August 11, 2017, The Highlander, the City's newspaper of record, published this Notice of the Annexation Public Hearings.  

On August 22, 2017 at the Regular City Council meeting the first of the required two Public Hearings were held for Annexation of Beaver Island (Ord. 714), Web Isle (Ord. 715) and Mezger Property (Ord. 716).   Here is the section from the agenda.   

Here is a summary of the discussion from the City Secretary's notes: 
"The Council then held the first of three ‘First Public Hearings’ on the proposed annexation Ordinances.  Beaver Island is being annexed via proposed Ord. 714.  This is a voluntary annexation being conducted according to a development agreement included in a court settlement in 2011.  This settlement means the residents agreed in 2011 to be annexed, should the City desire to annex them, on or after December 31, 2017.  No citizens spoke.  Council then held the second Public Hearing on Annexation, this one for Ordinance 715 to annex Web Isle.  Web Isle is being annexed as a voluntary annexation under the same type development agreement court settlement as described for Beaver Island.  Ms. Tess Henry, 136 Web Isle noted her objection to this proposed annexation.  She noted that some current landowners were not signatories to the 2011 settlement and do not believe it should be applicable to them.  She explained her research into the recently passed Senate Bill 6, passed by the Texas Legislature, which requires an election before new territory can be annexed.  She suggested that the Attorney General be consulted.  City Attorney Brad Young explained that this voluntary annexation of Web Isle was initiated before SB 6 passed and that Granite Shoals is a Tier One City for purposes of this law; the low population in the city (and in Burnet County), exempts us from the requirements of holding an election for annexation.  Ms. Debra Brothers, 116 Web Isle, requested information about the annexation service plan.  This plan (Exhibit B to Proposed Ord. 715) is available for viewing on the City website.  The third Public Hearing on Annexation, this one regarding the Mezger Property was held.  No citizens spoke.  City staff discussed briefly that this proposed annexation process may be modified or halted if the Mezger Family landowners choose to renew a Development Agreement for this property.  There was a discussion of the proposed Time Line/Calendar for these annexations.  The second public hearings, respectively, will be held at a Special Called City Council meeting on August 29th.  At the City Council meeting on September 26, 2017, Council will consider adoption of Ordinances 714-716."  


If you are interested in reviewing the Development Agreement for Beaver Island or the Development Agreement for Web Isle, simply click on the links.