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Recreational Vehicles in Granite Shoals
Recreational Vehicles in the City Ord. 765
Ordinance #765 governs the safe parking and use of RV's in the City.  

Recreational Vehicles may bring visitors to your Granite Shoals home from out of town for up to a 2 week visit.  
For this type of short term (visitors from out of town) parking, please complete an application for short term RV parking.  Please complete this application no fewer than 2 days before your company comes.  

The Application form can be printed out, completed and submitted to the Billing Coordinator at City Hall.  Please complete a site drawing on the draft paper (page 2).    Either the City Manager or his designee will come to review the site to assure that an RV may be parked safely on the lot as planned.  

There is a second application form used for registering your RV as being in storage on your property.  This application (long term storage) is an application allowing the storage (but not use) of the RV.  If you wish to use your RV, please fill out the short term application and submit it for the City Manager's review before you begin temporary use.    Under no circumstances are Recreational Vehicles allowed to be used as a permanent dwelling or as an accessory structure (used as a storage building).    

For use of an RV on property where you are building your dwelling, a permit can be obtained for this use at the same time (and a part of) your application for the building permit.  The RV use permit will be tied to the building permit and will expire when the building is completed.