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The City of Granite Shoals
2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road
Granite Shoals, TX 78654
Ph: 830-598-2424
Business Hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Vision Statement for City

We are currently under a Burn Ban. 
We are currently under Normal Watering Restrictions as described in Ord. 692.  
The area has not received the average amount of rain - see this graphic from the 
Highlander News 8-24-2018 

Some Helpful City Phone Numbers

City Hall 830-598-2424
Police Department 830-598-4818 (non-emergency)
Animal Control 830-693-3611
Preston Williams (Code) 830-798-5608
Bryan Wendt (Code) 830-265-7959
Fire Department 830-596-8110 (non-emergency) 
Fire Dept. Burn Permit 830-596-3338
On-Call Water Dept. Cell 830-598-6129


Interested in the Reverse 9-1-1 Notification System for our area?  It is called Regional Notification System (RNS) and is provided through  the Capital Area Council of Governments (CapCOG).  For inf
ormation on registering for severe weather (or other emergency) notifications, please visit their website.  

Current NewsCalendar

Flooding Situation
At this time, the residents affected by the Flood Events of this week are in the cleaning up stage. Damage was sustained to Webb, Impala and Beaver Island, water front properties and properties in low-lying areas (especially near the creek). Read on...
North and South Shorewood residents please move to higher ground
North and South Shorewood residents urged to move to higher ground. There is water over the road (Shorewood) in some places. Avoid and or leave Impala and Web Isle. The Causeway is flooded. Follow the city on Facebook for updates.
Water Rate Changes
Soon all water customers will find a letter in their mail boxes from the City. This letter will explain the new water rates. Read on...
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