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The City of Granite Shoals
2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road
Granite Shoals, TX 78654
Ph: 830-598-2424
City Code
Granite Shoals codifies the Ordinances
You can view the Code of Ordinances or view individual ordinances (new Ordinances that are not yet incorporated into the City Code book) below.

On June 25, 2013, City Council passed Ordinance #609 which adopted the Code of Ordinances. This is the first ‘codification’ of our ordinances. The Code of Ordinances (usually called the City Code Book) is a specially designed book, prepared by Legal Publishers. Granite Shoals contracted for this work with MuniCode Corporation. The city ordinances which are in effect/active (they haven’t been repealed) were sent to MuniCode. First, MuniCode removed the ceremonial wording from the Ordinances –  such as the part where the signatures are. What is left is the ‘meaty’ part of the law from each ordinance. Second, the ordinances were arranged in subject order, to make finding the current law easy.   Third, they were posted online and you can see the City Code at the link above.  In 2017, the City Council changed to using Franklin Legal Services, out of Lubbock, Texas.  The link above will take you to the website hosted by Franklin Legal.  

Here are the newest Ordinances, which have passed since November 14, 2017.   They are not yet included in the code book. 

Ordinance # Subject matter covered by Ordinance Date the Ordinance Passed If it is Active (enforced) or whether it has been replaced What Department of the City is the Ordinance related to?

722 Ord. Calling the City of Granite Shoals General Officers Election for May 5, 2018 for Council Places 2, 4 and 6  1-9-2018  Active Administration, Elections 
723 Ord. rezoning Beaver Island, recently annexed into the City under Ord. 714, from AG - Agricultural to R-1 - Single Family Residential Zoning  2-27-2018 Active Administration, Zoning, Development
724 Ord. rezoning Webb Isle, recently annexed into the City under Ord. 715, from AG - Agricultural to R-1, Single Family Residential Zoning.   2-27-2018 Active Administration, Zoning, 
725 Ord. rezoning Mezger Properties, Tracts 1 and 3, recently annexed into the City under Ord. 716-A, from AG- Agricultural to R-1, Single Family Residential Zoning  2-27-2018 Active  Administration, Zoning, Development 
726 Ord. rezoning Mezger Property, Tract 2, aka 'Bow Tie Property', recently annexed into the City under Ord. 716-B, from AG Agricultural to R-1, Single Family Residential Zoning.  2-27-2018 Active Administration, Zoning, Development 
727  Ord. modifying the Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 40 of the City Code - Fencing Regulations  3-13-2018 Active  Administration, Zoning, Development, Code Compliance
728 Ord. to add a section to the City Code of Ordinances, in Chapter 10 Business Regulations to establish policy  related to Garage Sales in the City.  VOID  VOID Council considered this at their 1-23-2018 meeting and postponed it indefinitely. 
729  Ord. to issue 3M$ of Arterial Road Infrastructure Bonds as approved by voters on November 2017.    2-27-2018 Active  Administration, Development, Streets, Finance
730 Ord. to renew the city's franchise agreement with Pedernales Electric Coop  2-27-2018 Active  Administration, Finance  
731 Ord. to amend the City's Sign Ordinance, located in the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 40 of the City Code) to allow electronic signage with changeable messages 4-24-2018 Active Development, Administration, Planning and Zoning
732 Ord. to abandon a .337 acre section on North Phillips Ranch Road as part of the Road       To be considered  by City Council as part of Road Infrastructure project 
733 Ord. to establish the Deer Management Program as a continuing program. 4-24-2018 Active  Administration
734 Ord. to modify the roles and responsibilities of the Board of (Zoning) Adjustments to better conform to state statutes and the city's charter 4-10-2018  Active  Administration, Development, Code Compliance
735  Ord. to modify the City General Fee Schedule to establish cleaning deposits for the rental of certain park pavilions and to increase the cleaning/security deposit amount for rental of the City's Community Center (Park #1)   4-24-2018 Active Administration, Finance, Development, Utility Billing
736 Ord. to amend the FY 2017-2018 City of Granite Shoals budget related to pay for members of Utilities and Streets Departments, due to pay scale modification approved by City Council on 5-8-2018   6-26-2018 Active Administration, Finance/Payroll, HR
737  Ord. to amend the FY 2017-2018 City of Granite Shoals budget for Holiday Pay for Firefighters as discussed by City Council at their June 26, 2018 Reg. Council
 7/10/2018 Active  Finance, Budget, Administration, Fire Dept. / HR
738  Ord. to amend the FY 2017-2018 City of Granite Shoals budget related to salaries for increasing Municipal Court Clerk from Part-time to Full-time and establishing effective date. 
7-10-2018 Active   Finance, Budget, Administration, HR
739 Ord. to establish restricted fund for Child Safety Health and Nutrition Fund and to direct funds from Child Safety Health and Nutrition Fund to be paid to Boys and Girls Club in the amount of $3,000 for summer programming for Granite Shoals Students. 7-24-2018  Active  Finance, Budget, Administration 
740 Ord. to repeal and replace Chapter 4, Animal Control, from the City Code of Ordinances, updating certain sections to comply with new State Law and establishing 'Feral Cat colony'  procedures.      9-11-2018 Active Police, Administration
741 Ord. to formally establish the fund for holding fees assessed on all utility bills for a capital replacement fee.  9-18-2018

 Active Administration, Finance 
742 Ord. to formally establish the fund for holding fees assessed on all utility bills for a capital equipment fee. 9-18-2018   Active  Administration, Finance
 743 Ord. to formally adopt the Granite Shoals City Budget for fiscal year (FY 2018-2019) beginning October 1, 2018 and ending September 30, 2019.  9-18-2018   Active   All City 
744  Ord. to adopt an ad valorem (property tax) rate (FY) 2018 of $0.596000/$100 valuation being $0.348280/$100 valuation for Maintenance and Operations of the City, and $0.247720/$100 valuation for Interest and Sinking (Debt Service).    9-18-2018  Active   Administration, 
745  Ord. to update the City Code, Chapter 8 related to Building Codes, to delete references to 2006 Residential Code.     housekeeping ordinance to be considered October 2018 
746  Ord. to amend the City Code, Chapter 12 Municipal Court, to designate the Granite Shoals Municipal Court as a 'Court of Record'  10-9-2018  Active  Court, Finance, Administration, Police, Development
747 Ord. to formally establish the reserve fund for Fire Department Equipment reserves  9-25-2018 Active  Finance, Fire, Administration
748 Ord. to increase water utility rates to cover operational costs and set aside any excess revenue to fund Utility Department equipment or capital replacement or purchase.   9-25-2018 Active Utilities, Finance, 
749 Ord. to delete references to utility related fees from City Code, Chapter 38 Utilities, and relocate all fees to Appendix B of the City Code: General Fee Schedule Ordinance.  10-9-2018  Active  Utilities, Finance, Administration

For the most updated General Fee Schedule, see Ord. 735, above.  

If you have questions about Ordinances or the City Code, please contact City Secretary Elaine Simpson at 830-598-2424 x 303. She is glad to assist.