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The City of Granite Shoals
2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road
Granite Shoals, TX 78654
Ph: 830-598-2424
City Code
Granite Shoals codifies the Ordinances
You can view the Code of Ordinances or view individual ordinances (new Ordinances that are not yet incorporated into the City Code book) below.

On June 25, 2013, City Council passed Ordinance #609 which adopted the Code of Ordinances. This is the first ‘codification’ of our ordinances. The Code of Ordinances (usually called the City Code Book) is a specially designed book, prepared by Legal Publishers. Granite Shoals first contracted for this work with MuniCode Corporation. The city ordinances which are in effect/active (they haven’t been repealed) were sent to MuniCode. First, MuniCode removed the ceremonial wording from the Ordinances –  such as the part where the signatures are. What is left is the ‘meaty’ part of the law from each ordinance. Second, the ordinances were arranged in subject order, to make finding the current law easy.   Third, they were posted online and you can see the City Code at the link above.  In 2017, the City Council changed to using Franklin Legal Services, out of Lubbock, Texas.  The link above will take you to the website hosted by Franklin Legal.  

The latest update was done through Ord. 749.   Only the Ordinances below, passed since October 2018 are not included. 
Please call the office of the City Secretary with any questions # 830-598-2424x303.  Thank you. 

Ordinance # Subject matter covered by Ordinance Date the Ordinance Passed If it is Active (enforced) or whether it has been replaced What Department of the City is the Ordinance related to?

750 Ord. to amend the zoning ordinance and allow the building of Hangar Houses within new or existing airplane hangars located on the Granite Shoals / Bob Sylvester Airpark, with a minimum size of the 'living space' equal to no less than 650 square feet.  2-26-2019 Active  Airport, Development, Code Compliance, Administration 
751 w/
Clerk seal
Ord. to amend the Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 40 of the Code of Ordinances, the Rezoning Portions of Tropical Hideaway Condominiums from GB-1 to R-2” 1-22-2019 Active Administration, 
Development Services

752-A Ord. allowing the parking/use of RVs in Residential zoned areas during the construction, reconstruction or remodeling of the primary dwelling.  Requires special permit tied to the building permit.   3-12-2019 Active  Development, Building, Administration, Police 
 753 Ord. to annex Mezger properties   2-12-2019 Active  Development, Administration, 
754 Ord. to annex Wilderness Cove HOA property  Void  Void Development Agreement signed. 
755 Ord. to annex Marble Falls Partners LLC property   2-12-2019 Active  Development, Administration 
756 Ord. to call the City of Granite Shoals General Officers Election for May 4, 2019 to elect Mayor, Council Member Place 1, Council Member Place 3 and Council Member Place 5.   1-8-2019 Active  Administration, Elections, Council, City Secretary 
757 Ord. to amend Building Code (chapter 8 of the City Code of Ordinances) 
  To be heard at P&Z Commission and May City Council Meetings
758 Ord. Amending the Speed Limit on Phillips Ranch RD 2-12-2019  Active  Police, Development, Streets 

759 Ord. to rezone newly annexed property Mezger property from temporary AG-Agricultural to permanent AG - Agricultural     Public Hearings to be held at P&Z and City Council in May.
760 Ord. to rezone newly annexed property Marble Falls Partners LLC from temporary AG - Agricultural to I - Industrial. 3-26-2019 Active  Zoning, Development, Administration 
761  Ord. to amend Ord. 743 the City of Granite Shoals Budget for 2018-2019, and providing the following, findings of fact and effective date.    3-12-2019 Active  Administration, Finance, Budget
762 Ord. to modify the City Code, Chapter #40 - Zoning - Section  40-25 (BOAT DOCKS) to correct maximum height restriction
 3-26-2019 Active  Development, Administration 
763 Ord. to modify the Municipal Court of Record with two minor changes  5-28-2019  Active  Administration,  
Municipal Court

If you have questions about Ordinances or the City Code, please contact City Secretary Elaine Simpson at 830-598-2424 x 303. She is glad to assist.
will be considered in a Public Hearing at the Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting 1-15-19 
will be considered in a Public Hearing at the Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting 1-15-19