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City Newsletter - THE ROCK
The Rock
In 2019 at the first City Council meeting of the year, Council asked city staff to modify the procedure for reporting on the events of each meeting.  Instead of composing a 'summary' of the meeting and posting it to the city's Social Media sites; Council asked that there be a newsletter composed, and that additional information be included.  The newsletter 'THE ROCK' is composed by senior city staff and published to the city website and the city's social media after each regular meeting of City Council.  

If you would like to receive 'THE ROCK' directly to your email inbox, please send a request to   and ask to be placed on the subscription list.   

Thank you for your interest in our city!  

Most recent issues: 

The Rock - Volume 1, Issue 4  March 7, 2019 

The Rock - Volume 1, Issue 3  February 13, 2019 

The Rock - Volume 1, Issue 2 January 29, 2019 

The Rock - Volume 1, Issue 1  January 10, 2019