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The City of Granite Shoals
2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road
Granite Shoals, TX 78654
Ph: 830-598-2424
Business Hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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The November 5, 2019 Special City Elections 
Results:  Water Bond Passed. 
All Charter Amendments except 'C' and 'R' passed. 
See the Elections Page of the City Website

On October 16, 2019, KXAN published a story online and on its nightly telecast entitled “City hits landowners with $200K in ‘hidden liens’ on 40-year-old paving debts.”  The story contains many misleading and incorrect claims.  The City of Granite Shoals has asked KXAN to correct its story, but in the meantime the City would like to address these claims directly.
First, the City did not “hit landowners” with “hidden liens.”  Through a series of ordinances adopted by the City Council in the 1980s, the City made assessments for the costs of road paving against the properties abutting the roads to be paved.  A number of those liens have never been paid off.  This summer, the City notified property owners if an outstanding lien still exists on their property, in order to increase public awareness and clear up confusion.
The City didn’t “hit” anyone with liens, nor are they “hidden.”  They were adopted by the City Council in ordinances pursuant to state law (the prior version of Texas Transportation Code Section 313.042).  The interest rate on these liens was also set according to this statute.  The ordinances imposing these liens were then recorded in the Burnet County real property records.  Like all recorded liens, they have been on file in the County’s property records ever since, not “hidden” by the City in any way.  
The KXAN report also offered the legal opinion of one outside attorney without contacting our City Attorney to address that attorney’s mistaken viewpoint.  Specifically, the report claimed that these paving liens are no longer enforceable under state law because they are taxes that are too old to collect.  However, the City has no choice but to seek repayment for the public funds it spent to pave those roads.  Under Article III, Section 55 of the Texas Constitution, a city is expressly prohibited from forgiving any person’s indebtedness or obligation to that city.  There is an exception in state law for delinquent property taxes that are more than 20 years old, but the courts of Texas have long held that that special assessments for street improvements are not taxes.  For that reason, the exception does not apply, and the Texas Constitution prohibits the City from cancelling these liens.  
The Constitution prohibits the City from forgiving indebtedness to the City because doing so would be unfair to the taxpayers at large who would shoulder the tax burden. If cities forgave the revenue from properly incurred outstanding debts, it would also be unfair to the citizens who over the years have paid off their obligations.
The City appreciates the opportunity to clear up the confusion caused by KXAN’s report.  If you have questions, please contact Mayor Carl Brugger or City Manager Jeff Looney. 

 We are currently under Normal Watering Restrictions as described in
Ord. 692.  

Some Helpful City Phone Numbers 
City Hall 830-598-2424

Police Department 830-598-4818 (non-emergency)
Animal Control 830-693-3611
Preston Williams (Code) 830-798-5608
Bryan Wendt (Code) 830-265-7959
M&M Inspections (Mike Light) for Building Permits 830-613-9814
Code Compliance office at the Police Department 830-598-1354 (Preston or Bryan) 
Fire Department 830-596-8110 (non-emergency) 
Fire Dept. Burn Permit 830-596-3338
On-Call Water Dept. Cell 830-598-6129


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